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What is it?

E-mail marketing is the new generation of direct mail marketing. Through e-mail marketing we can send your e-blast to the most relevant demographic for your business type or offer. We can narrow down our huge list of opt-in email addresses down to the geographic area, financial and home information, political preference, interests, behaviors and even purchase history. This amazing tool allows you to target exactly the people that would be interested in your services. 

The Steps...

Design & Build Your Campaign- We can help you come up with a custom design and theme for your e-blast campaign and even build it for you.

Build Your List- Once we plan and design your custom email campaign, we will build a list of email addresses from thousands- targeting specific demographics with certain interests, financial needs, behaviors, geographic area and more.

Track Opens & Clicks- After your email sends we will provide you with the tracking results of opens and clicks. We can even send out a follow-up email to those who opened!   

Text marketing

Over 70% of Americans send and receive text messages and on average they send or receive 41.5 messages per day. Making text marketing another great opportunity for you to reach your customer’s through their interests.

How it works

How it works

Customers opt-into your text deals by sending a short word to a certain number.

Once a week or whenever you want, you can send them unlimited text messages advertising your latest deal, “did you know” or an incentive to call or visit you.

Services included

Once you have access to our text marketing platform, you will have the opportunity to write, schedule and send your own text messages. And for no additional cost, you will be able to send multiple types of text messages to your customers, including:

-Text blasts and alerts
Is business a little slow today? No problem! Send out a text blast to your customers with a great offer to bring them in the door. Or, save time by reminding customers about appointments via text.

-Redeemable coupons
Send coupons to your customers that they can redeem for one time use.

-Text2Win contests
Want to attract the attention of your customers? Give them a chance to win a great prize or offer with a text contest.

Looking for customer feed back? Make it easy for your customers to leave their input through a text survey.

-Voting and polling
Keep your customers engaged in your business through voting and polling.

Does your business require a little waiting time for your customers? Keep them entertained with some fun trivia questions via text while they wait.

-Post on social media
Make posting on your Facebook or Twitter easy through text!

-Generate QR codes
Interested in trying out QR codes to link customers to your website quickly? But you're not sure how to even get a QR code? No worries, you can generate one right through your text platform. Include in print ads, posters and your other marketing materials.